What's Inside?

    1. The Gender Polarities: Thinking Differently

    2. The Gender Polarities: Energetically Different

    3. The Gift of Crazy: Standing Your Ground

    4. Female Impotence: She's Feeling Stymied

    1. The Biggest Mistake Men Make With Women: Part #1 - PUSHING

    2. The Biggest Mistake Men Make With Women: Part #2 - BACKING OFF

    3. The Biggest Mistake Men Make With Women: GETTING THE BALANCE RIGHT

    4. What Defines A Boundary & Why Are They So Important?

    5. You Don't Know What You Don't Know

    1. The 3 Questions

    1. Quick Tip #1 - What To Do When She Doesn't Let You Off The Hook

    2. Quick Tip #2 - Separate Your Ego From The Situation

    3. Quick Tips #3 & 4 - Set Your Standards Because She's Gonna Test You

    4. Quick Tip #5 - Call Out Your Brothers

    1. Climbing The Mountain: Analogy of The Core Essences

    2. How Are Women Like Wild Animals?

    3. One Hour Coaching Call With Dyann

Course Modules

Allow Me To Tell You How I Developed This Unique Relationship Wisdom...


I'm now in my late 50s and have a wonderful man in my life, but when I was in my 20s I had a terrible time finding a boyfriend.


I was young, attractive, energetic and completely insecure.

Any 'relationship' I had amounted to a hook up or a one night stand.

The satisfaction from those encounters was always short lived.

Men almost NEVER asked for my phone number or took me out on a real date or engaged in any type of "courtship."

Any kind of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with men lasted just a few weeks or months.

There was one 3 year relationship during my 20s which left me drained and feeling terrible about myself.


Finally, when I was staring 30 in the face,  I decided enough was enough.

No more random hook ups with strangers. A man would have to ask me out and follow through.

I was worth MORE than a cheap one night stand. 

I FINALLY began to acknowledge my worth...


Part of becoming a woman (or a man) is accepting life and people as they are. 

The fact is... nobody beats LIFE.

But, that was just the beginning. 

Accepting how life comes at you is one thing... accepting yourself in relation to the opposite sex is quite another.

Part of learning to accept people and life as it is meant changing my behavior and attitude as well.

So I vowed to do my best;

  • NOT to give my unsolicited opinion 
  • NOT to "speak my truth" with excessive emotion
  • NOT lose my cool (as much as possible)
  • NOT show a lack of confidence in my demeanor no matter how bad I felt
  • NOT show that someone else's behavior or words "got to me"

It started to work. 

Sometimes you can change your life from the outside in and sometimes it's from the inside out.

In this case, I learned that because I was clearly in a female body, my behavior made a difference in how people reacted to me.

I began to understand there are energies and ways to being male or female. 

The closer I wanted to get to a man the more I had to embrace my female energies. 

Otherwise, tension crept in and distance took hold. 

Those feelings of attraction and desire were not nearly as strong for either of us when I was not embracing my feminine nature and he was not owning his masculine nature.

That's where The Relaters Manual comes in...

The KEY to relating better to women is... accepting who she is as a woman, being your best masculine self, and then COMMUNICATING who you are to her effectively.

That's really all a relationship is... COMMUNICATION.

The good news is... once you understand the principles of the gender polarities you'll know how to communicate with women for the rest of your life!!

Testimonials for Dyann's Coaching & The Relaters Manual eBook & Course

“I have been struggling with so much sudden change in my life that I took the next step to get help. I am so fortunate that I found this life coach as Dyann has touched the very root of my inner conflict.  Not only does she listen to me but has the wisdom to know when I am fooling myself and not facing my fears that drag me down. Her words and guidance have made such a difference in my life giving me a real road map to follow. After doing 3 sessions with her she has taught me relationships are real and that being true to oneself makes the difference to being true to all others. One day at a time and tomorrow will take care of itself - Thank you Dyann.”

Alan from Boston

“Coach Bridges really knows how to connect to someone and provides excellent guidance and encouragement in many different areas of life. She truly cares about her clients and always gives sincere advice. I recommend her to anyone looking for help in relationships and job direction.”

Jay from NY

“Wow! I'm amazed at the information Dyann gave me. She hit the nail on the head and offered advice to help me deal with my son and his wife in a much better way. I'm thinking more clearly too. No more scrambled egg thoughts!”

Les from Idaho